glibc and uClibc

Archaic archaic at
Mon Jan 17 10:15:27 PST 2005

To all who read this list:

The decision has been made to temporarily pull uClibc from the build
during the xml conversion. The text files will not be changed. When the
xml gets finished we plan on running a multi-branched repository. uClibc
will reside in unstable and will continue to be worked on. glibc will
reside in all the branches. The reason for this is because both Robert
and I prefer, for various reasons, uClibc over glibc. However, currently
uClibc has some problems.  Some apps will not build on it, and locale
support is incomplete and buggy.

I am soliciting comments from people who have reason to have an opinion.
Technical reasons are what I am looking for. If you feel strongly that
one libc over the other would be better *for HLFS* please feel free to


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