Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Thu Jan 13 17:34:03 PST 2005

Robert Connolly wrote:
> Anyone want to help me make a livecd for 0.2? I've never done it before. I 
> have a couple fast servers willing to host them. I've been able to install 
> most of chapter 6 into a 69MB iso, including dhcpcd, ppp, iptables, lynx, 
> reisfsprogs, irssi, and a ton of kernel modules. The bzip2 compressed iso is 
> 20MB (easy to distribute). Maybe 30MB when finished.
> Email me in private if you have experience with this stuff. I'm on freenode's 
> #lfs too.
> robert


There's a livecd project with lfs now ;) though we don't have very much 
webspace or manpower (just me :) ) atm.  But I'd be happy to help as 
much as I can.  I'm currently building scripting system (using a 
Makefile hierarchy) for the next gen of the LFS livecd - I'd be happy to 
work on a HLFS version.

Let me know what exactly you want or had in mind. Once I get these 
makefiles done, we might be able to port over a HLFS version.

Btw, the livecd project has a ml and newsgroup:

livecd AT

Jeremy Huntwork

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