upcomming 0.2 release

Robert Connolly robert at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Jan 5 13:47:46 PST 2005

I found a minor bug in binutils- which didn't exist in previous 
versions. objcopy's test is not using CC/CXX or CFLAGS from the make 
environment. It's picking cc out of $PATH. I emailed hj lu and asked him to 
check it.

I was able to build gcc/g++/libgcc completely with -fstack-protector-all for 
the first time. I'm not sure if its because I added __guard_setup to ld.so, 
but I'm very happy with it. Make check passed with it. I also added -fPIE to 
the gcc CFLAGS in chapter 6, and defined LIBCFLAGS without fpie, and it 
worked out perfectly. Again the tests passed.

I'm trying to use gcc -fpie where ever it is possible. I find setting CC="gcc 
-pie -fpie" is better than using CFLAGS. That way we don't disturb the 
default CFLAGS, or if you set them yourself they don't get reset. GCC in 
chapter 6 is the exception. Using fpie only works in packages that have no 
libraries. Many packages have libraries that are internal to the package, 
fpie will mangle them.

The new glibc fstack_protector patch adds -fstack-protector-all all over the 
place, so glibc's utilities, and sub-libraries, are guarded.

I tossed out the sspspecs and piespecs patches for Perl commands to modify the 
gcc specs file. This is more portable and helps allow gcc's tests to pass.

Lots of really good changes today :)


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