Using the LFS as a standalone OS

Poonchezhian P. pchez at
Sun Jan 2 22:03:22 PST 2005


I did install LFS 6.0 with Fedora Core 3 as my base OS. The LFS 6.0 lies in 
separate 20GB HDD partitioned for a separate "/", "/boot", "/var", "/home" 
partitions. Initially while starting the installation, I started with the LFS 
HDD as "hdb" and once the installation was over, I tried booting the HDD from 
the same. But it said file system error. Ext2 has some unsupported features. 
Look for the latest version of e2fsprogs program. Later when I tried to boot 
the machine with the HDD as "hda" the OS stops booting after the step

NET: Registered protocol family 17

What could be the problem? I'm doing this for running a custom built server 
binary. Please do help me.

Poonchezhian P.

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