How long should we keep the alpha releases?

Archaic archaic at
Sat Jan 1 15:41:14 PST 2005

Due to the fact that the releases, at this point, are really the same
basic thing as pre-releases, I am thinking about removing them as soon
as the next one comes out.

Along with that, removing the patches from the patches repo providing we
aren't using them in the current release.

Lastly, when an updated patch is just a symlink to an older patch, and
the older patch is no longer needed, I would prefer to just mv the file
to the new name. For instance, util-linux-2.12h-fPIC-1.patch and
util-linux-2.12p-fPIC-1.patch are the same file, just a symlink. I
haven't looked yet, but when I do, if I find that the 2.12h patch is
no longer referenced in the latest alpha release, I will delete the
symlink and move 2.12h to 2.12p.

The reasons for the above are manageability. This is not applicable to
true releases, only pre and alpha releases.

Comments, questions, and concerns would be appreciated.


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