hardened-specs.sh question

Nabil SEFRIOUI admin at osmium-work.com
Fri Feb 25 15:27:33 PST 2005

the hardened-specs.sh is created in step 5.12.2

and in step 6.12. there is this command :
perl -pi -e 's: /tools${ldso}: ${ldso}:g;' \
    -e 's@\*startfile_prefix_spec:\n@$_/usr/lib/@g;' \
    $(gcc --print-file specs)
that change the dynamic linker path

and in  6.13.1. there is this instruction :
-> Then restore the hardened specs with the script we made in chapter 5:

then change made in 6.12. will be lost ?
is this a problem ?

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