window managers

Steven B SilverspurG at
Fri Feb 25 03:42:41 PST 2005

I've also considered ratpoison but it looks to be written by some emacs
lovers.  Not that I don't appreciate the reinitiation into hidden keyboard
combinations every few months when I need it.

Try udeproject  The binary executable size is
typically about 90kb.  It does nothing but manage windows and allow for
workspaces.  The default colors and border definitions are ridiculously
ugly.  The config files allow for much more reasonable settings.  The
config file format isn't difficult to figure out.  The config files allow
for the execution of bash commands upon switching workspaces so you can
change the background or add add whatever other functionality you may want
in that sense.  I like it because it is dependent only upon X libraries
and integrates with almost nothing.  If you want to build apps which will
likely work in any possible environment (without being dependent upon
lib$some_oddball_lib) ude is definitely the way to go.

Most people rail on ude because debian's ude/uwm packages are broken. 
It's a learning curve.  RTFM for 10 minutes.

I've used blackbox on occasion.  It's small, fast, light, tries to make a
few things seamless.

I'm currently using fluxbox while trying to build enlightenment.  I like
enlightenment because it doesn't try to become what gnome and kde are.  It
provides a framework for applets (epplets) but doesn't try to take over
your system.  esd is a fine sound daemon as well.

Really I want to find a window manager that makes use of Xdamage for
translucency.  I found a few external Xapps which allow me to employ the
drop shadows and change the translucency.  The effects are quite nice
looking but HOLY CATS is it slow on my system.

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