window managers

Bennett Todd bet at
Fri Feb 25 11:36:46 PST 2005

I can't really comment usefully on what would be the best choice for
a base, default window manager for HLFS, as I really, really don't
like GUIs.

However, given the possibility that there might be other folks who
share some of my prejudices following this list, I thought I'd
mention the window manager that has really, really eased my stress
levels in circumstances where I'm forced to run X: ratpoison.

Very clean and simple autoconfiscated build, minimal dependancies,
uses no mouse, spends no screen real estate on decorations.

If you like screen(1), you may find ratpoison in good taste.

It's sufficiently radically different from all the mainstream window
managers that I wouldn't expect any distro to offer it as the
initial default wm, although of course I'd be delighted if one

I've introduced it to my cow orkers and somewhat to my surprise a
half-dozen have jumped on it with glee.

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