HLFS-BOOK-SVN-20050223 bugs

Nabil SEFRIOUI admin at osmium-work.com
Fri Feb 25 11:12:27 PST 2005

- in HLFS-BOOK-SVN-20050223-HTML/glibc/index.html the two links in 
chapter 5 'GCC-3.4.3 Cross C Compiler' and 'GCC-3.4.3' point to the 
same file HLFS-BOOK-SVN-20050223-HTML/glibc/chapter05/gcc.html

- in 5.20. Gettext-0.14.1 there is a small problem with the first sed 
command : 
sed -e 's/^C\(XX\)\?FLAGS .*$/amp; -pie -fpie/' -i \
            ^ must be &

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