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Tue Feb 22 14:54:35 PST 2005

Archaic escribió en hlfs.dev el Martes, 22 de Febrero de 2005 23:27:

> Yeah. I hadn't realized that Robert had done it that way in the text
> version, and I didn't think of it myself.

OK. I will migrate the remaining pages when some LFS look issues requested by
Gerard will be fixed (and ported to HLFS, of course).
> That seems a bit busy to me. I'd rather just recommend that people grab
> certain packages needed to get online (like openssl, links, wget, that
> sort of stuff). I'm open to anyone's suggestions, though, so fire away
> everyone.

Then, what about this?

Chapter07 as is now, except finished.xml this will be moved to chapter08 along a
list of required/recomended packages (if the build instructions will differ
from the BLFS ones, if not a page in chapter07 is enought) to can
download/build the HBLFS packages when booting into the HLFS system, and then
Part4 with the real HBLFS stuff.

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