uclibc nls

pinotj at club-internet.fr pinotj at club-internet.fr
Mon Feb 21 06:01:50 PST 2005

>The only question is if 29-gettext.txt should reinstall 
>libintl, by default it won't. If libintl were part of uClibc it would be 
>built in chapter 6 with the gcc in /tools, so I don't see why it should be 
>reinstalled after. 


>I think adding gettext-0.14.1/gettext-runtime/ to both uclibc.txt would be 
>good. And a note in chapter06/29-gettext.txt that if you reinstall/upgrade 
>gettext to use "--with-included-gettext" so that libintl will be rebuilt too.

Should do the trick. Just post a message when you finish all the svn updates, I will give it a try this week.

Jerome Pinot

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