Fwd: modifying the chapter layout

Robert Connolly robert at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Feb 20 21:11:17 PST 2005

On February 20, 2005 10:40 am, Archaic wrote:
> Manuel, just a quick note; The xml won't be following the chapter order
> that is in text. We need to follow the order that is in the LFS book.

Why? I thought we agreed there was too much fluff below chapter 5.

> Anything that is felt *must* be done before reboot will be put in
> chapter6.

Bootscripts too? This would make chapter 6 huge, while other chapters have 2 

> Robert, we need to figure out when the book should say to reboot.
> Currently, I'm of the opinion that we should stop at general system
> libraries and utilities that everyone *should* install. However, the
> book is going to have to have a lot more choice at this point which will
> make things more difficult. We can't assume that everyone will want to
> ssh into their box, even. We may have to move the chapter structure
> around a little bit to put things in after chapter 6. Perhaps chapter 7
> can be a "Things 95% of people should install". For that we could have
> iptables, fcron, ntpd, openssl, etc".

If we are going to follow the order of the LFS book then all the BLFS stuff 
needs to be put in a second book, and the reboot is done when the first book 
is finished. I don't like this idea, I don't think there's enough to justify 
splitting into two books yet. The reboot can be done at chapter 7 after the 
kernel and fstab. Having BLFS packages in chapter 8, 9, etc, just means the 
story isn't finished after rebooting.

I would also like to move the autotools to BHLFS. I think these are in LFS 
because of standards conformance, but almost nothing needs them. It's silly 
having packages in the base that don't get used.

> I like how BLFS has two pages for daemons that can also run as clients.
> I think perhaps if we go with ntpd in chapter 7, then it should only be
> for time syncing, not daemon usage. Then Chapter 8 can be bootscripts,
> chapter 9, the kernel, chapter 10 reboot, chapter 11 ??? maybe daemons
> (where we can touch on the bootscripts for ntpd). Or maybe chapter 11
> should be general libraries like BLFS has.

I like the layout the way it is, in order of dependency.

Chapter8: Devel
	OpenSSL - Depends on GCC
Chapter9: Network
	OpenSSH - Depends on OpenSSL
Chapter10: Misc
	Wget - Depends on OpenSSL
Chapter11: Xorg

This way everything has its place. I don't like the idea of two pages for 
openssh, one for daemon and one for client, because one page can handle both.


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