GCC compile bug

T_B T_B at sympatico.ca
Sun Feb 20 13:41:18 PST 2005

"Kendrick Hamilton" <kendrick.hamilton at sasktel.net> wrote in message
news:4218D624.5090005 at sasktel.net...
> I made one change to the build process, instead of using
> /tools and the install point, I am using my own directory
> /home/hamilton/uclibc-tools.

If this is your first time building HLFS (or LFS for that matter), I would
suggest that you not deviate from the book.  Once you have done a complete
build, then you can start experimenting.

As to tools, note that /tools is a symbolic link to /mnt/lfs/tools.  During
chapter 5 the tools are built up into the directory /tools using the tools
on your host system.  Then in Chapter 6 when you chroot to /mnt/lfs, all
your tools are still in /tools of the chrooted environment.  This is all
explained in lfs.

This is probably not the reason for your specific problem, but by not using
/tools, you will probably encounter problems later even once you figure out
what is causing this particular failure.  I suggest that you re-check the
environment requirements of your host system.


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