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Suggestion for partitioning:

--- HLFS/BOOK/chapter03/creatingpartition.xml.orig      2005-02-21 02:11:02.597373360 +0900
+++ HLFS/BOOK/chapter03/creatingpartition.xml   2005-02-21 02:20:44.777868472 +0900
@@ -38,6 +38,10 @@
 by the host system, so another swap partition will not need to be
 created if your host system already has one setup.</para>

+<para>If you plan to encrypt your root filesystem later, you must create
+a <filename>/boot</filename> partition. If you want to encrypt only one
+folder, create a partition for it. A good candidate is <filename>/tmp</filename>.</para>
 <para>Start a disk partitioning program such as
 <command>cfdisk</command> or <command>fdisk</command> with a command
 line option naming the hard disk on which the new partition will be

Jerome Pinot 

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