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Sun Feb 20 10:03:10 PST 2005


I think rebooting ASAP have some advantages.

First, you avoid any problems with the host. It should not be if you follow the book, but look, there is more than 60 steps in chapter 6, most people will enter chroot more than one time and increase probability to do something wrong (forget to setup env variables for example). Working under HLFS is safe. 

I'm in the idea of keeping the HLFS ground system as small as possible, because the less software you have, the less flaw you will have.

There is a lot of interesting software (openssh, tripwire/aide, gnupg, ...) but a few are really required to boot safely and to do basic admin tasks.

So chapter 7 is ok for me now.

Chapter 8 should be starting something like bhlfs, we could roughly follow the blfs book to include security packages: cracklib, tripwire, openssl, gnupg, iptables and PAM for example

We could put the daemons in chapter 9 (ntpd, fcron...). I put it after because I think it's less critical than the security frame-work of chapter 8.

Chapter 10 for everything else.


Jerome Pinot

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