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Archaic archaic at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Feb 20 07:40:45 PST 2005

Manuel, just a quick note; The xml won't be following the chapter order
that is in text. We need to follow the order that is in the LFS book.

Anything that is felt *must* be done before reboot will be put in

Robert, we need to figure out when the book should say to reboot.
Currently, I'm of the opinion that we should stop at general system
libraries and utilities that everyone *should* install. However, the
book is going to have to have a lot more choice at this point which will
make things more difficult. We can't assume that everyone will want to
ssh into their box, even. We may have to move the chapter structure
around a little bit to put things in after chapter 6. Perhaps chapter 7
can be a "Things 95% of people should install". For that we could have
iptables, fcron, ntpd, openssl, etc".

I like how BLFS has two pages for daemons that can also run as clients.
I think perhaps if we go with ntpd in chapter 7, then it should only be
for time syncing, not daemon usage. Then Chapter 8 can be bootscripts,
chapter 9, the kernel, chapter 10 reboot, chapter 11 ??? maybe daemons
(where we can touch on the bootscripts for ntpd). Or maybe chapter 11
should be general libraries like BLFS has.

Comments from the community are welcome and encouraged.

P.S. Originally sent this to the wrong list. Please reply to hlfs-dev.


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