groups, etc.

Bennett Todd bet at
Thu Feb 17 06:46:13 PST 2005

Thinking from the software packaged distro point of view (really my
mental home in this stuff even though I'm a happy LFS supporter), I
think the dream ideal is to winnow down the core system uids / gids,
the ones that have to be bunged in to bootstrap things barely up,
just as far as possible, and to associate the many per-role ids with
the packages that create the tools that implement or manipulate
those roles.

Might that approach possibly fit in with *LFS's documentation
mindset as well? Start, if possible with just root and the
bootstrapping non-priv ID, explaining why each of them, then adding
others as needed when needed in association with the package that
needs 'em, explaining what the package does with 'em?

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