Encrypting swap

pinotj at club-internet.fr pinotj at club-internet.fr
Tue Feb 15 09:46:20 PST 2005


As suggested by Robert, I started to write an lfs hint about enabling swap encryption. It's still work in progress, you can find it here:


I will complete it soon I got things working on HLFS current. Feel free to make comments or suggest modifications.

The issue is the need of GnuPG to use multi-key encryption. Maybe it could be nice to add it to chapter 8, it's a quite useful package. What do you think?

Actually, there is already an lfs hint about encrypting the root filesystem but doesn't mention the swap. Anyway, it could be nice to use it later:


Aside from the hint and the needed patches, I will try to maintain a patch against the hlfs book. I know it's maybe not really useful but I will do it anyway for me. I don't like reading 2 docs in same time :-)
You can find the patch here (r210):



Jerome Pinot

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