Richard see.sig at nospam.com
Wed Feb 9 07:24:03 PST 2005

pinotj at club-internet.fr wrote:
> Well, I didn't expect a lot of enthousiasmic reactions about my last e-mail but I would have been happy to get some comments about encrypting the swap.


	don't be disappointed! I have read all with interest and I do intend to 
explore it in the very near future. You shall hear from me in due course.

> Anyway, I did a patch for the book (r153) that I would like to share:
> http://ngc891.blogdns.net/projects/hlfs/hlfs-loop-AES-1.diff 


If you need to reply me _direct_ then use following
<rgollub AT uninet DOT com DOT br> as return address.

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