thorsten fly_a320 at
Tue Feb 8 01:22:58 PST 2005

To get rid of an annoying message of hotplug at startup this hint from 
lfs-support helped for me:

<snip (from lfs-support)>
>> When I booted up my computer, I get this message
>> ./hotplug.functions :line 113 /etc/hotplug/pnp.distmap no such file or directory?
> Yeah, I wondered if anyone else had noticed this and/or would say something.
> To be honest, I'm not fully familiar with hotplug and everything it needs, but when I do this:
> touch /etc/hotplug/pnp.distmap 
> the annoying little warning goes away. Don't seem to really miss the absence of that file personally.
> Jeremy Huntwork 
<end snip>

so perhaps it would make sense, to add to chapter 06/46 hotplug
touch /etc/hotplug/pnp.distmap

I just finnished building rev149 and everything works as expected!
Thank you guys for the good work!
{,H,B}LFS is great! If it wouldn't already exist, it had to be created...

regards Thorsten Happel

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