Bennett Todd bet at
Sat Feb 5 05:57:54 PST 2005

2005-02-05T13:08:50 Robert Connolly:
> [ alternative permission structures for /usr, /etc, ... are hard
>   to implement w/ "make install" ]
> Maybe this sort of stuff could go in a "Finishing up" section, after 
> everything is installed, configured, and users are added.

I don't like that last idea; if you're gonna do something like this,
I think it'd be better if it were done, somehow, as part of the
installation of each package. My reasoning is that "after everything
is installed" is end-of-life of the machine, since critical security
bugfixes keep coming out for many popular, in some cases, at least
arguably, "best-of-breed" server components.

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