Xorg scripts (Under glibc) - feedback

Kevin Day drealin01 at cox.net
Sun Dec 25 14:36:36 PST 2005

> With this 'for dirs in i; do' routine, it might be possible to
> control the order by using alphabetical prefixes (a, b, c,) on the
> directories to control what gets built first. so alib<whatever>
> would then get built before blibatever>

This would sort of defeat the purpose for the scripts.
1) The package would have to be pre-built for the scripts.  This means
a script is needed to do the job or a person doing it by hand.
2) All who use the given script, need that custom-built package for this
to work.  If they do not have it, the script is useless.
3) The Xorg team has already spent time putting the package system
together, that work is already done, it seems wasteful (and sdrawkcab)
to just redo the package layout to get a script to work.

Also note:
 I was being a little lazy, on line 119, in the 'app' directory, I
install dependencies first, then I install everything there with the
wonderful '*' wild-card.  This saves me time writing every directory
name at the cost of reinstalling the dependencies again, quite
harmlessly (unless your on a 386).
 My key idea here was to do as much work with as little effort.

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