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Declan Moriarty junk_mail at iol.ie
Sun Dec 25 10:45:13 PST 2005

Recently, Somebody Somewhere wrote these words
> On Sun, 25 Dec 2005 08:39:11 +0000
> Declan Moriarty <declan.moriarty at iol.ie> wrote:
> > barfed line 120/121 Protocols made, libs made as far as
> > libWindowsWM, and would barf. Syntax?
> > 
> > barfed in a package because I didn't have pkgconfig. Then
> > barfed because none of the packages were updating pkgconfig.
> > I added the line
> > cp *.pc /usr/lib/pkgconfig &&
> My apologies, after running my scripts again overnight while sleeping I
> awoke to an interesting mistake.
> I noticed that I accidentally moved libdrm from the extra's directory
> to the lib directory.  This caused my for loops to break as they do not
> seem to respect the '&&', installation continues despite not having
> all of the libs built.
> My quick fix was a symbolic link from ../extras/drm-* 
> Mesa's Demos failed on not having libdrm, but it took me a while to
> notice where the real mistake was.

Hmmm... I'm missing libdrm, then.

> > What would be neat is if you had a little subroutine that tested
> > for the package in pkgconfig and moved on if it was there. You
> > could stick it in each section, to make rebuilding quicker.
> > It would also save messing like perl installing in an inferior way
> > over the existing  perl in a hlfs system.
> Interesting idea, I'll look into it. I have been working up myscripts
> slowly into something very modular such that I can pass the following:
> ./install xorg
> and then the xorg script would contain calls to the relevant parts in
> whatever order:
> ${SCRIPTS}/doloop proto ${BASIC_PARAMS} ${PIC_CONF} * or 
> ${SCRIPTS}./doloop lib ${BASIC_PARAMS} ${PIC_CONF} \
> lib{lbxutil,Xau,Xdmcp}-* etc..

With this 'for dirs in i; do' routine, it might be possible to
control the order by using alphabetical prefixes (a, b, c,) on the
directories to control what gets built first. so alib<whatever>
would then get built before blibatever>

> > 
> > It also appears pkgconfig should be in the hlfs book, as soon as
> > possible in chapter 6.


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	Declan Moriarty.

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