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Kevin Day drealin01 at
Fri Dec 23 08:43:50 PST 2005

On Fri, 23 Dec 2005 16:02:00 +0000
Declan Moriarty <declan.moriarty at> wrote:

> Recently, Somebody Somewhere wrote these words
> > A little late here, I found a problem in my script, a missing 's'
> > that through everything haywire.
> > 
> That sort of thing can be a real bitch...
> > And then, Xorg7.0.0 was recently officially released.  I still
> > haven't tested whether or not any changes are needed in my scripts
> > with the latest Xorg.
> > 
> So you've included it? great.
> > The script is part of a major fully automated installation script I
> > have recently started, so I cleaned out some things so that this
> > version will work independent of the automated scripts.
> > 
> > There will probably be slight changes to make to my script as some
> > things that donot work in uClibc yet have been disabled.
> I'll read through. uClibc had a hell of a lot more patches in the
> pass I made at it. It bombed every time though (incompatabilities
> here and a lousy base box)
> > 
> > There is a kernel-agp-header bug, in which I have applied the fix. I
> > made note of this on and kernel developers
> > may/may not have seen or fixed this yet.  I have not submitted it
> > as of yet. My solution is a work-around and not a complete fix.
> > 
> > Finally, there is a Mesa patch, that removes some annoyances that
> > prevent it from being automated.
> Thanks very, very much. I was getting real depressed downloading,
> realizing I'd have to build this stuff if I wanted to do anything.

No problem, I just finished testing the scripts against the "stable"
xorg.  It seems to work thus far.

I discovered that glxgears and glxinfo are not normally part of Xorg.
To get them installed, look into the scripts I have:
On step-4,
add the following after: make linux &&
and before: make &&

cd progs/xdemos &&
make &&
cp glx{gears,info} /usr/bin &&

after that is done, glxgears should work.  There are other programs
there in which you may/may not want.  They are part of the MesaDemos
package, but for some reason lack a 'make install'.  They also get
extracted to "Mesa-4.6.1" which happens to be the same directory as the
Mesa-4.6.1 library itself.  So when you extract both, you lose sight of
the MesaDemos sources.

Let me know if you are getting problems with direct rendering.  I
cannot seem to get mine to work, even with an older kernel+modules I use
on my more stable lfs-5.1.1 system.

BTW, I have a radeon 7500.

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