Malloc Returning a Live Pointer

Kevin Day drealin01 at
Fri Dec 23 03:32:44 PST 2005

A little late here, I found a problem in my script, a missing 's' that
through everything haywire.

And then, Xorg7.0.0 was recently officially released.  I still haven't
tested whether or not any changes are needed in my scripts with the
latest Xorg.

The script is part of a major fully automated installation script I
have recently started, so I cleaned out some things so that this
version will work independent of the automated scripts.

There will probably be slight changes to make to my script as some
things that donot work in uClibc yet have been disabled.

There is a kernel-agp-header bug, in which I have applied the fix. I
made note of this on and kernel developers may/may
not have seen or fixed this yet.  I have not submitted it as of yet.
My solution is a work-around and not a complete fix.

Finally, there is a Mesa patch, that removes some annoyances that
prevent it from being automated.

- Kevin Day
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