kernel config

Declan Moriarty junk_mail at
Thu Dec 22 07:54:50 PST 2005

That is a good  kernel configuration page in the book.

I gather the fact that some options are unselectable is because
they are controlled by the security level setting. This would be
worth a mention. If you get in to the .config with vim and fiddle 
in the security area, is that OK?

CONFIG_PAX_EMUTRAMP is another one of the funnies. The advice
lists it in things to include, and in things to exclude. If you
encouraged making the locales at glibc in chapter 6, the fact that 
CONFIG_PAX_EMUTRAMP is needed for localedef would matter less, as
you'd have all the locales anyhow.


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	Declan Moriarty.

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