Malloc Returning a Live Pointer

Kevin Day msu-kday at
Mon Dec 19 23:53:08 PST 2005

Okay, so I have a few times gone over my strange problems as many of you

I finally located my problem. (should have been more obvious to me..)

I had disabled the "glibc compatibility" of malloc returning a live-pointer. 
Thus, only NULL gets passed.  This is what I thought was standard for some
time, having never delved deeply into glibc or any other programs when they
call malloc.

However, in order to get Xorg and numerous other programs to work at all or
work with more stability, uClibc must be configured with malloc(0) returning a

This instantly made my Xorg work, withouth recompiling (thanks to dynamic
libraries: .so's) X in any way, it went from its cannot call malloc and cannot
call assert to suddenly working extremely nicely.
I have yet to test this with the rest of the system as I am falling into a
blissfull sleep.

At the very least, I can always give you good FAQ materials for what not to do.
Though, I wonder why a live-pointer must be passed instead of just NULL.

I can give you my scripts used to install Xorg-Modular if you so wishit. (once
I clean it up now that I should be able to remove some assert and malloc hacks
I had going..)

Kevin Day

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