Updating FTP packages...

Justin R. Knierim lfs at lfs-matrix.net
Sun Dec 18 19:32:32 PST 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:

>in time the SVN BLFS-Bootscripts should be available to be used
>in a 'production' or 'releasable' version of an LFS-Some-entity
I'm not an hlfs editor, so I can't speak on their behalf.  There haven't 
been any releases, only svn renderings, so I was talking about svn 
renderings.  The hlfs book seems to be slower to update than lfs 
development (with reason), and if it will reference a blfs-bootscripts 
package with a date, it would be IMO nice if it was in /hlfs/downloads.  
Just my opinion though, so that the book doesn't have dead links and 
no-applying patches like now.

>What I'm driving at is that I don't remember any discussion or
>otherwise saying that this  particular version of the
>BLFS-Bootscripts was going to be used in a release. How was it
>even determined that this particular version of the bootscripts
>was stable?
WRT hlfs, no idea.  They use the latest svn blfs-bootscripts probably.  
For trunk LiveCD we use the current blfs svn version (since our scripts 
download from (B)LFS mirrors) to go along with the blfs svn packages we 
use.  For LiveCD releases, we freeze the version (or course reading the 
changelog and monitoring future releases for anything we should be aware 
of) and beta test it.  If you have other suggestions for how we 
determine versions for LiveCD, please suggest it on the livecd list.



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