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Declan Moriarty junk_mail at iol.ie
Fri Dec 16 00:28:48 PST 2005

Recently, Somebody Somewhere wrote these words
> There's something wrong with how you're copying and pasting the specs script. 
> I attached a copy of it to this post for you.
> robert
You're right ... I ran it down here myself last night and was
going to ask for a copy. Thanks very much!

It's a host system problem, made up of a combination of the

1. The legacy devices on the motherboard are poorly implemented.

2. The old m$ mouse protocol appears to be forgotten about in
kernel development. I don't care, but it acts up on the console.
But I currently am using an m$ mouse, which crashes a couple of
times a day if I work in consoles, dumping in extra characters

3. Something isn't right about the readline functions. Perhaps the
above two explain it, but vim can also misbehave with
inserting/replacing, e.g. operating replace while displaying "Insert"

These are not issues I wanted to suffer through ironing out - just
modernize my way out of them. They are not normally  beyond
niusance, but there is a line wrapped in that text, and it took me
some time to realize lynx wasn't displaying  the page correctly
either. I copied hardened-specs.sh in the other base system here,
and diffed the two. Here's the result: (The key to this is
unwanted return characters: I have broken the line once, and
indicated  as much (between nonow: & -z)

< %{pie:-pie}%{!no-pie:%{!static:%{!Bstatic:%{!i:%{!r: %{!nonow: \
-z now} %{!norelro: -z relro} %{!shared:%{!Bshareable:%{!pie: -p
< ie}}}}}}}}
> %{pie:-pie}%{!no-pie:%{!static:%{!Bstatic:%{!i:%{!r: %{!nonow: \
> -z now} %{!norelro: -z relro} %{!sha
> red:%{!Bshareable:%{!pie: -pie}}}}}}}}

You can see where the 'unknown option -p' came from. Likewise
'shared' would hardly be interpeted correctly with a carriage
return in the middle of it. Lynx was operating under framebuffer
at 128 characters accross and that is well beyond any option I
might have set in lynx.cfg. 

You guys might seriously consider a split in that line?

/goes off to try that script.

	With best Regards,

	Declan Moriarty.

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