AW: Hardened LFS - GCC4

Andreas Turriff andi598d at
Fri Aug 26 12:04:41 PDT 2005

Reviving this discussion after sorting out where to host the patch
Robert requested...

I'm not necessarily saying adopt it, but it would, IMO, be a good idea
to maintain the patches. Whether or not the book adopts the GCC-4.0.x
series or not, some of the packages /will/ need to be patched, and the
sooner those patches get hashed out, the sooner they can be dropped on

Robert, I'm currently using this diff (pulled from my GCC-4.0.1 tree
against GCC-4.0.1 release, completely unedited):

It works for me, but
ungraciously bombs when trying to build GFortran (stack smashing
attack detected in f951). Since I don't use Fortran at all, I haven't
followed up - I just noted it while trying to do a full build except
ADA to see if it works. What I want (GCC, G++ and GCJ with libraries)
compile and run.

On a side note, I have managed to get the SSP backport to run on
vanilla GCC, not the Red Hat tree (which is what this diff is based
on) by removing a couple of lines from toplev.c and target-def.h
(toplev.c removal dealt with checking what direction the stack grows
in, target-def.h included a line that's only present in Red Hat's
branch, not vanilla GCC). If there's interest and what I've done there
is kosher, I'm willing to clean this thing up, outfit it to the
Patches List requirements and submit it.


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