building toolchain according to book hlfs

Steven Geerts Steven.geerts at
Thu Aug 18 01:47:50 PDT 2005

following the procedure to build a toolchain for an arm I get following

- installation of uClibc headers topic in the hlfs book
    - "make DEVEL_PREFIX=/tools install_dev"
            -> error "install -m 644 lib/*.[ao] /tools/lib/
                install: cannot stat `lib/*.[ao]': No such file or
                make: [install_dev] Error 1 (ignored)"

            Q: is this important, because it's indeed ignored.

- Q: How can I check that a program build with the toolchain, uses the
correct library?

- General: It's a good book, althoug sometimes it can be explained in an
easier way, the steps are not always that straight forward.  However, it
helped me further with building a toolchain but it's not done yet.



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