hlfs success & failures

Kevin Day msu-kday at student.mcneese.edu
Wed Aug 10 19:04:27 PDT 2005

Without waisting times on details, I am working towards embedded and 
parallel systems. uclibc is much nice for that reason.

Now to my woes:
Bash-3.0, major problem that the Wcontinued patch fixed under glibc. 
under uclibc the problem exists again.  (I can control-c or kill -9 a 
running script or command ,such as configure, under bash-3.0, exit the 
chroot shell, and even exit the root shell that was used to chroot, and 
still have bash executing that script.  (fix was to remove and
depreciate bash altogethor - much easier on my end this way)
Any ideas or fixes? I haven't noticed this problem mentioned.

Fontconfig: depends on freetype, which has a problem compiling (2.1.9)
Freetype: 2.1.10 version is needed to work, 2.1.9 fails.
To get 2.1.10 to work, apply the following edit:
sed -i -e 's|"<ftconfig.h>"|"\\"ftconfig.h\\""|g' \

Apparently, 2.1.10 tries to include its only library as if it was
existing on the system already, this means the library has to be 
installed before it can be compiled. Instead of copying the headerfile
over to someplace like /usr/include using SED is much easier. 2.1.9
does not have this problem, its a bug introduced in the new version
and will probably be fixed soon enough.
I can now get ./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-static to work.

It seems that PAM and the shadows after 2.0.7, use the same glibc
specific headers located in "/usr/include/rpcsvc" which are not
implemented in uclibc as far as I can tell. I have noticed other
people are having problems with these programs. probable hack needed

Despite hack attempts and command-line parameters, expat ignores
any concept of not building static only libraries...Until I
downloaded the cvs version...--disable-static and --enable-shared
are ignored. cvs version: 1.95.9 TBD downloaded around noon of

..I need to figure out what I need to hack or send to the Makefile
to make it build shared and not static. It seems to want to build
static only. (and has no configure file)

Nice feature I am using that SuSe started (to my knowledge).
had to pass: make CC="gcc -no-pie -fno-stack-protector"

*.la Hell:
Most of my problems occur as a result of this 
"half-shared/half-static?" linked library. I am not familiar with
.la files. In addition, when using a pre-built uclibc-system that
boots and compiles nicely, I can't build a static toolchain as a
result of this. (Craps out on binutils!) Perhaps I screwed up
somewhere in the build process?  I can probably bring my old
toolchain over and try to use that for now to build a new toolchain
(OS bootstrapping).

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