HLFS, Samba and ACL's

Ben Potter bpotter at teamsearchmr.co.uk
Sat Apr 30 10:19:00 PDT 2005

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> Ben Potter wrote:
>>Good afternoon,
>>I am in the process of building my first HLFS system (uClibc based), and
>>am intending to install samba 3.0.14a with ACL support as a domain
>>member server.
> Is this possible at all? AFAIK domain membership requires nss_winbind, and 
> uClibc doesn't support nss.

Good point (That'll teach me to read up on things more carefully)

Domain membership appears to be (in theory) possible using winbind/pam. 
Knowing my track record, I'm probably wrong though.

Looking at 
suggests that it can be done, but not as easily (local accounts must be 

If I can't manage it then I'll rebuild using glibc


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