Fwd: Re: 2.4/2.6 kernels

R.Quenett qcal at quen.net
Thu Apr 21 08:09:25 PDT 2005

Archaic wrote:

"  We need your input. This is meant to be a community effort. Please read
"  and reply with comments and/or suggestions.

I am not competent to comment on the hlfs project but I am competent 
to comment on how I might use it.  So, from that pov only, fwiw, I 
offer the following.

I would not expect to use hlfs on a desktop in the forseeable future. 
 Period.  Full stop.

In my set up, I see hlfs (or equiv) as going on old hardware sitting 
between me and the jungle.  In an extension of the basic linux 
philosophy as I understand it (do one thing, only one thing, and do 
it well, very well), all<bseg> that I would hope for from hlfs would 
be that it could not easily be penetrated, compromised or subverted, 
especially not clandestinely.  I would hope for both ingress and 
egress (for the eventual detection of the effects of my moments of 
idiocy when I click on the wrong thing on a web page or bring in a 
compromised floppy or...) maintenance, surveillance, logging, 
analysis and reporting tools.

Also, thankyou _very_ much to those who are doing the actual work on 
this project.


"Gold needs no endorsement, it can be tested with scales and
acids.  The recipient of gold does not have to trust the government
stamp upon it, if he does not trust the government that stamped it.
No act of faith is called for when gold is used in payments, and
no compulsion is required." -Benjamin M. Anderson

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