kernels, binutils, and stable releases

Robert Connolly robert at
Thu Apr 14 11:56:52 PDT 2005

Hi. Uhm, it's not looking like kernel-2.6 is going to be stable anytime soon. 
I can't think of any reason that hlfs needs to be using 2.6. The only thing 
that depends on it is glibc's nptl, but linuxthreads works perfectly well 

For the sake of releasing something stable (in the foreseeable future) what do 
you all think about going down to kernel 2.4? When hlfs first started using 
2.6 kernels I didn't expect the 2.6 branch to remain the devel branch, I 
expected 2.7 to be the new branch.. but that never happened. Grsecurity 
maintains a patch for 2.4 which has all the same features as the 2.6 patch.

In addition to kernel 2.4, I would like to see binutils-2.16 go into hlfs-1.0, 
and we could simply use bugfix patches on binutils-2.16 until 2.17 is out, 
instead of following hjl binutils which is more beta and less predictable.

Aside from that, hlfs-1.0 could use a few more apps, like bind-utils and other 
minor stuff.

The big question here is for kernel-2.4. A pseudo_random patch for 2.4 
shouldn't take long to make.. just need to remove the udev stuff from the 2.6 
patch. Everything else is straitforward I think.


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