I would like to donate some hardware use for core developers.

J. Lujan jlujan at dreamcatalyst.com
Tue Apr 12 22:06:25 PDT 2005


I am really interested in HLFS but I do not have the time to spend 
working with it myself untill it becomes stable. I would be willing to 
offer the use of a PIII 750mhz system with 512-768mb ram. The system is 
SMP capable but is very unstable due to one of the worst main boards 
Tyan ever produced, but if you want to deal with it, it is there as 
well. I would not be donating the hardware but would allow full remote 
access to the machine to one of the core developers for prolonged 
periods of time. I do have cable internet that is mostly idle.

I can also possibly lend the use of an Ultra 10 with something like 
900mb ram if any one is interested in that as well.

If any of you are interested, please contact me.

J. Lujan

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