coreutils uname-2 patch

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Sat Oct 30 09:45:53 PDT 2004

Robert Connolly wrote:

>This might belong on bugzilla...
>In chapter 6 when compiling coreutils-5.2.1 with coreutils-5.2.1-uname-2.patch 
>with -fPIC I get this:
>uname.c: In function `main':
>uname.c:364: warning: initialization discards qualifiers from pointer target 
>uname.c: In function `has_sse':
>uname.c:416: error: can't find a register in class `BREG' while reloading 
>make[3]: *** [uname.o] Error 1
>'has_sse' is a new function added by the uname-2 patch. The uname-1 patch in 
>LFS-5.1.1 compiles fine. The uname-1 patch was originally from coreutils-5.0, 
>the uname-2 patch is new from Zack Winkles. You should be able to reproduce 
>this with CFLAGS="-fPIC", I was using -fPIC out of gcc specs.
>Perhaps lfs-hackers people could comment if this would be a factor in using 
>uname-1 in unstable in the future?
uname-1 gives incorrect output, which is the reason for uname-2 in the 
first get correct output from uname so programs do not 
miscompile.  Why are you passing CFLAGS to coreutils - without this, it 
compiles and works just fine.


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