propolice patches [was propolice testsuite]

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sat Oct 23 13:02:05 PDT 2004

Robert Connolly wrote:
> On October 23, 2004 03:33 pm, Matthew Burgess wrote:
>>Hmmm, I wonder whether it may be beneficial to submit an autoconf macro
>>to the autconf macro archive
>>(  That way upstream
>>package maintainers could just download the macro do an 'aclocal' to get
>>it in their configure scripts and hey presto - no more having to conjure
>>patches up for each and every package :)  Well, I suppose you could make
>>a patch anyway, but base it on the above method - should make it a more
>>trivial affair.
> Good idea, but I'm still pretty new at this. The macro available from:
> doesn't actually work (for me anyway). I don't know how to modernize this so 
> it's usefull.

You're new to autoconf, I'm new to autoconf and even newer to SSP :) 
What a fine pair we make eh? :)  Well, I'll give the ssp stuff a try, 
though it'll take me a while as, according to the patch, I need frandom 
and according to frandom's docs I need to recompile my kernel to get the 
sysctl interface.  If I'm recompiling the kernel I may as well upgrade 
it to 2.6.9 which will break my NVidia module, though I know where the 
patches are for that.  All in all it looks like a job for tomorrow!



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