propolice patches [was propolice testsuite]

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sat Oct 23 12:33:07 PDT 2004

Robert Connolly wrote:
> I've attached two patches I made for gzip. It took me two days to figure out 
> how to use autoconf, should get easier though :-) I wasn't really sure what 
> to use as a conftest.c. What I choose might be over doing it because it uses 
> __SSP_ALL__ which will only work with the latest propolice patch. The 
> non-autoconf version should work on any host, if you try to use --with-ssp 
> (or --with-ssp=yes) with a gcc that doesn't understand -fstack-protector-all 
> then the test will fail and it will continue to make normally. I'll send both 
> patches to bug-gzip at, which is the patch submition mail list listed in 
> their README file.

Hmmm, I wonder whether it may be beneficial to submit an autoconf macro 
to the autconf macro archive 
(  That way upstream 
package maintainers could just download the macro do an 'aclocal' to get 
it in their configure scripts and hey presto - no more having to conjure 
patches up for each and every package :)  Well, I suppose you could make 
a patch anyway, but base it on the above method - should make it a more 
trivial affair.



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