First minor release

Robert Connolly robert at
Mon Nov 29 15:54:03 PST 2004

On November 28, 2004 11:06 pm, Archaic wrote:
> Let me know if you are planning changes between now and then. If so, I
> can get the repo up right away.

For 0.2 I'm thinking:
Add a change log.

Have alternate instructions for static and shared linking for Coreutils, Bash, 
Udev, Util-linux, Vim, and Grub. Maybe Grep too. It might be nice to 
move /lib/ and make sure we can reboot and log in without it.

Bash will have 3 install methods.. first just static, second just shared, 
third is if both static and shared are installed. If both are installed I 
think its best to ... install a static version, move /bin/bash 
to /bin/bash-static, make clean, install a shared version, move /bin/bash 
to /bin/bash-shared, and /bin/sh and /bin/bash would both be symlinks. I'm 
not sure about this yet though. Maybe someone has another suggestion. The 
boot scripts and root's shell would need to be the static one, while 
everything else uses the shared. If the static version goes to /sbin then all 
the bootscripts would need to be modified to use it, I don't like this, and I 
don't like having the same command/program in two different paths.

Add ssp.txt, pie.txt, and static-vs-shared.txt to chapter 2.

I want to patch blfs-bootscripts to add a script for frandom similar to what 
the random seed script does. And add the blfs-bootscript to the list of 
packages so these scripts can be installed before the first boot.

For -current after 0.2:
Maybe start a chapter 10. blfs type thing, post reboot. Start adding openssl, 
openssh, tripwire, etc.


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