gettext and c++ and uClibc (ch. 6)

zoltan 6zoltan8 at
Sun Nov 28 18:18:33 PST 2004

I'm building lfs for a native uClibc toolchain (similar to Robert's, but 
  not cross...), and may actually have NLS working, at least as far as 
uClibc and gcc and ncurses seem to be concerned (but its not really an 
explicit goal, just a nice to have)...

However, I don't have c++ enabled as a language for gcc in ch. 6.  Don't 
quite want it yet.  I've been able to use the "...--without-cxx 
--without-cxx-binding --without-ada..." configure options for ncurses, 
as it complained about the sanity of C++ preprocesser (/lib/cpp), but 
the above options got me past that nicely.

gettext also complains about the sanity of /lib/cpp (not surprisingly), 
and I just want to tell gettext that I don't have C++ (it does correctly 
detect that NO gnu C++ compiler is present), but the ...--without-cxx... 
options aren't quite enough.  It still complains about my sanity or 
something :-) .

So does anyone know if gettext can be compiled without a C++ compiler 
and without a C++ preprocessor, or do I absolutely have to have C++ in 
the toolchain?

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