First minor release

Robert Connolly robert at
Sun Nov 28 16:08:56 PST 2004

Hello. I have a working book featuring uClibc, ProPolice Stack
Protector, PaX, Grsecurity, Position Independent Executable (PIE) toolchain,
and Frandom Random Number Suite, located here:

It boots with a Grsec kernel with all options enabled. The new system seems to 
work perfectly fine, I was able to rebuild some programs in the new system, 
etc. Note the version of iproute2 is different from LFS, I had to use a 
version (from August 31st) which is known to work with uClibc, the newest 
version does not.

I found the system a bit choppy/laggy. This might be because uClibc builds 
with -Os instead of -O2. Or it might be because of Grsecurity. I didn't 
investigate it.

Native language support does not work in uClibc, not 100% anyway, so all NLS 
is disabled. The bug with Gawk, Bash, and Perl only exists in chapter 5, see 
BUGS.txt for more info. The Tar bug is closed. I didn't spell check anything 
but it shouldn't be too bad.

Coreutils, Bash, Udev, Util-linux, and Grub are statically linked in chapter 6 
for safety reasons, incase or ever become damaged or missing. 
Maybe the next book version can make this optional, giving two command sets 
the way BLFS does in some cases. I also think Vim should be statically 
linked, but maybe we should talk about this some more.

I think we're ready for SVN and mirrors, although I don't know the procedure 
in asking. /me pokes archaic

If any of you were waiting to make automated build scripts now is the time. We 
are not going to be stable until uClibc is stable, and I don't know when that 
will be. The way it is now is not too bad, I would trust it as a firewall but 
not with remote users.


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