new gzip patch

Robert Connolly robert at
Sat Nov 20 21:11:47 PST 2004

Attached is a better ssp patch for Gzip. I'm using Gzip because its a simple 
package to work with. I sent a copy to patches at . This one uses an autoconf 
macro and is much more portable then the last one. Aswell it is more 
surgical. Automake lets me specify cflags per program, so I can avoid using 
cflags like fstack-protector and fpie on libraries. With this patch 
fstack-protector-all is passed when building each object file, but not when 
building the assembly code and not when linking, which is exactly how it 
should be.

If any of you are familiar with autoconf syntax and stuff please take a look 
and tell me if it looks right. Gzip only uses CC, but there is a macro for 
C++ too. I didn't know where or how to use "dnl", so I didn't use any, I 
think it caused some empty lines in the generated "configure" file, but thats 
not big deal.

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