uclibc and tar-1.14

Bennett Todd bet at rahul.net
Fri Nov 19 05:43:33 PST 2004

2004-11-19T12:56:57 Bennett Todd:
> Anyhow, I'll try building 1.14 and 1.14.90 against uClibc and see
> what I see.

I can't even download 1.14.90; alpha.gnu.org isn't answering my
calls. I reproduce your problem with 1.14; it fails to xjf against a
uClibc-linked bzip2 but works against a glibc bzip2. So it would
seem to be making some assumptions about the blocking of what the
archiver writes to stdout. I'll be sticking with 1.13 until the GNU
tar developers get a grip. Perhaps this is why my regular first
shopping stop for GNU pgms, mirrors.kernel.org/gnu/, isn't stocking

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