stripping secure servers (was Re: releases and stuff)

Bennett Todd bet at
Fri Nov 19 05:02:09 PST 2004

2004-11-19T03:56:31 Robert Connolly:
> [...] Another project I found is the Cyclone C compiler:
> which claims to be "A Safe Dialect of C". The "run time checks" sounds like 
> something that would lower preformance, but it might be worth it.

I read about that a couple of years back; sounded like a neat idea,
if I were still a C programmer I'd have started trying to actually
use it.

But unless I'm badly misremembering, I couldn't call it a C
compiler, and calling it a dialect of C has to be interpreted
carefully. With the possible exception of the most trivial programs,
I don't think portable C code would compile with Cyclone, nor would
Cyclone-modified C code compile with a standard C compiler. I think
the concept is that the changes required to translate code to
Cyclone should be small enough that the work required isn't too
outlandish, and the error msgs from Cyclone should help guide the

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