uclibc and tar-1.14

Bennett Todd bet at rahul.net
Fri Nov 19 04:56:57 PST 2004

2004-11-19T01:56:18 Robert Connolly:
> This happens when bzip2 (linked to uclibc) is installed. Not when tar is 
> installed. If the new tar(uclibc) is using the host's bzip2(glibc) it works 
> fine. Thats why I think it must be bzip2's fault.

I really extensively use two permutations, both tar and bzip2
dynamically linked against glibc (various generations of Red Hat),
and both tar and bzip2 statically linked against uClibc (Bent
Linux), with no troubles at all. Likewise cpio. The only problem
children I've seen are the cpio and bzip2 in Busybox statically
linked against uClibc; both of them failed on various archives in my
installer image, and I ended up adding standalone GNU cpio and bzip2
statically linked against uClibc, which solved my problems.

I was just gonna try some testing with tar-1.14, and
it's not on the usual place I scoop up my GNU bits from,
http://mirrors.kernel.org/gnu/. I wonder if it's considered a little
young yet?

Anyhow, I'll try building 1.14 and 1.14.90 against uClibc and see
what I see.

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