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Mon Nov 8 19:32:46 PST 2004

On Mon, Nov 08, 2004 at 08:38:20PM -0500, Robert Connolly wrote:
> After uClibc works and there are instructions to chapter 8 I want to release 
> it as hlfs-0.1. Replacing "hlfs/downloads/cvs/" with "hlfs/current" and 
> "hlfs/releases". hlfs/current will have the book between releases. Each 
> (minor or major) release starts with a new change-log. Using the 
> major.minor.sub_minor versioning. The sub_minor is only used to fix broken 
> things, like a patch version, normally not used. The minor version will 
> change as stuff gets added and changed, and is stable enough to build 
> properly. There is no limit to the number of minor versions, and the abruptly 
> change to 0 when the major version is bumped. The major version would change 
> when roadmap goals are met and all bugs are closed. Okay?

Sounds about right.

> Also, I would like to do the chapter 6 build as a non-privileged user.

I build and install everything non-root, but beware. You are asking for
a heap of workload trying to maintain something like that. MSB just
updated is more_control hint. Give that a look over, if you haven't. I
have been using his wrapper scripts for a few years.

> And, as some of you may know, I want a read-only source tree.

IMO, this should not be part of the development of HLFS due to the
constraints of time. Instead, it should probably be done in the
background and integrated after HLFS has taken root.

> The LFS gcc specs patch won't work with uClibc because the name of the
> dynamic loader is different. This gives me the opportunity to code
> that patch to use a compile time variable to define /tools/lib/
> or /lib/ or /lib/ at configure. The result should
> work for both LFS and HLFS, with uClibc or Glibc, and would allow
> users to name /tools whatever they like.

That sounds really nice.


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