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Thu May 13 01:31:28 PDT 2004

Robert Connolly wrote:

> On May 12, 2004 04:10 pm, Dagmar d'Surreal wrote:
>>On Wed, 2004-05-12 at 05:43, Kendrick wrote:
>>>btw the automated  script is still a good thing.  how else is a sys adm
>>>to be able to quickly roll out a great deal of new machines in a
>>>reasonable amount of time else wise ;)
>>Making binary packages, NFS mounts of /usr (or remote mounts of an
>>existing filesystem), BOOTP and TFTP, the mechanisms are endless.
>>Making a number of systems in a hurry is only a small part of the work.
>>Maintaining them without the chance of accidentally leaving some behind
>>is a huge task by comparison.
> This source tree would remain compatable with other package managers, like rpm 
> or whatever. Infact binary file lists could be added to the tree to aid in 
> creation of rpm type packages, it would also help with intrusion detection 
> systems. Simple shell scripts can search these file lists to inform you where 
> installed files originated from, and try to make sure no two packages are 
> installing the same file. Introducing new source packages would be fairly 
> easy; unpack /sources/usr/bin/irssi, cd /sources/obj/usr/bin, make obj (which 
> basicly scans ../../../usr/bin/ for new stuff, and mkdir new stuff if 
> needed), cd irssi. The 'make obj' can create a symlink from /sources/obj/usr/
> bin/irssi/configure to /sources/usr/bin/irssi/configure, so you do configure 
> && make from there normaly. The Linux kernel, xfree86, and others do not like 
> building from seperate directories. For these the 'lndir' util from X's 
> package can do a mass symlinking, or a shell script could work too. The "/
> sources" directory can be named anything, but the tree under it would have to 
> keep a structure.
> Its not really a package system, its a source tree layout.

The linux kernel can be built in a separate build dir by adding O= to 
each command:

cd /usr/src/linux*
make O=/home/andrew/build/linux mrproper
make O=/home/andrew/build/linux menuconfig
make O=/home/andrew/build/linux
su -c "make O=/home/andrew/build/linux install_modules"

It works with 2.6, I've not got the 2.4 source about at the moment so I 
can't check if it works as well.

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