Package systems and stuff

Robert Connolly robert at
Tue May 11 14:23:33 PDT 2004

What do you guys think about using a bsd-like source tree (using /sources)? I 
think it would give us a bit more control and may solve our package system 
issue. Makefiles and whatnot would be easier to manage, even upgrades :) 
There would be no need to track down the latest packages and patches since 
there would already be applied to HEAD. No need for an automated-lfs build 
script. Unnesessary dependencies, like gettext and texinfo, could be removed 
but only by running autoconf, which makes huge patches. Granted this can all 
be done with patches, but this seems more organized to me. This wouldn't be 
impossible to manage but it would be hairy to get it started. It would be a 
big help for upgrade procedures, and using cvs would make it easy to track. 
The book could fit in /sources/doc too. I would definitely need more help 
though, even stuff like auditing man pages for spelling and grammar.


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