Integrated crypto

Bennett Todd bet at
Wed Mar 31 11:13:09 PST 2004

2004-03-31T18:12:24 Robert Connolly:
> It looks to me like the hash of /proc/`pid`/environ changes with every 
> runtime. Its not entropy but it might be fairly unpredictable.

Huh? That's just the environment. If it looks different, it can only
because of some change in the scripts that led you to that point in
the boot process. Successive boots of the same machine with the same
initscripts should show identical /proc/$pid/environ at any given
point in the course of the automated startup.

In other words, different init scripts might see different
/proc/$pid/environ; heck, it changes from one point of a script to
another if you change any envars. But if the same init scripts run
two successive boots, a piece of one of those init scripts reading
environ to try and seed random won't get any unpredictability at
all, it'll have identical contents each boot.

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